Hi, I'm Emily!

I am a movement and performance coach. I work with high-achieving, heart-centered performers and athletes looking to enhance and sharpen their physical performance, prevent injury, and remove limitations.

My coaching programs are the perfect blend of alignment practice and physical training, designed to help you connect to your body on a deeper level to access a HIGHER level of performance, energy, and joy.

I believe in our ability to change. I believe in growth, challenging the norm, and creating the life we want. 

Our body is an intelligent, intuitive instrument. The more we listen and honor it, the better we feel. 

I am fiercely loving and fiercely competitive. I see the humor in most situations and lead as much as possible with an open mind and open heart.

It Is Not Just Physical

This is not just about biomechanics. We are going to address the mental and emotional aspects of how you are carrying your body, and approaching your craft. Our work together is a space where the deeper you’re willing to go, the bigger the transformation you’re going to have. I speak from experience. After years of coaching, mindset repatterining, rigorous therapy, and uncomfortable (aka necessary) introspection, it’s clear how much of my physical well-being and performance is approximately 80% mental. The same goes for all of us.

This is less about your capability and more about trusting yourself. If you’re running 30+ miles a week but you have nagging knee pain, or you’re a high-level dancer and you know that you “fill-in-the-blank” on one side better than the other, and you’ve come to “just accept it,” or you love to mountain bike, ski, surf, do Crossfit, play soccer, ice skate, rock climb (you get the picture), but for some reason, your body doesn’t feel great after doing it, OR you notice that you’re having trouble “doing this one thing….”  you can change that. You don’t have to “accept” that these limits or imbalances are “just the way it is” and nothing can be done about it. You can DECIDE to uplevel and achieve your definition of greatness!

  • Discover

    First, we will uncover your musculoskeletal imbalances and create sequences to restore your  functional position. This primes you for the focused practice of your craft/sport.

  • Transform

    Your movement pattern will transform, and you’ll gain access to greater strength and flexibility as your body works in harmony.

  • Unleash

    You’ll gather momentum as your training becomes more efficient and effective. Aligned action will make you unstoppable. This is how you unleash. 

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