Unleashed Movement

If you believe you have a “good side and a bad side,” a "tight and more flexible side", or "a shoulder or leg that you rely on more than the other", this indicates that your body is out of alignment. These are just some examples of ways the body compensates, and operating with these imbalances only further enforces them. This can result in pain or injury in the worst case scenario, but best case scenario still means you’re operating with a level of frustration.

While most people experience this, you are absolutely capable of changing it. Whether you opt for private coaching or our bundle programs, Unleashed Movement will help you restore balance and function through corrective exercises that are concise, efficient and effective. 

This puts you back in the driver’s seat, and allows you to level up and achieve your own personal greatness. Unleashed Movement is here to help you optimize your body.

It is a holistic process that encompasses not only biomechanics but also the mental and emotional aspects of how you carry yourself and approach your craft. 

This offers an opportunity for profound growth — the more you're willing to dive in and commit to a daily practice, the more substantial your personal development will be. I speak from experience. A few years ago I realized that the majority of my physical well-being and performance is determined by my mental state. The same holds true for everyone.

When it comes to your abilities and well-being, self-trust is key. Do you fully trust your body right now? Or are there “flags” that you push through, and accept? 

For example, if you regularly run 30 miles per week but struggle with nagging knee pain on your right side, or you are a highly skilled dancer and notice a discrepancy in your strength between one side and the other, you are enforcing an imbalance that you have probably come to simply “accept.” The same applies to any activity: golf, mountain biking, skiing, surfing, cross fit, soccer, ice skating, tennis, rock climbing, etc etc….I am happy to report the activity is not the issue. The body you take INTO the activity is what needs attention!

You are capable of changing that. You are not required to accept these limits and disparities as the norm, and you’d be surprised how quickly your body can improve when you start to bring it back into balance! You can choose to level up and achieve your own personal greatness. Unleashed Movement is here to help in your journey.

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