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Hi, I'm Emily!

My name is Emily DePauw, and I am a movement and performance coach. I work with high-achieving, heart-centered artists and athletes looking to enhance and sharpen their physical performance, prevent injury, and remove limitations. My coaching programs are the perfect blend of alignment practice and physical training, designed to help you connect to your body on a deeper level to access a HIGHER level of performance, energy, and joy.

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  • Achieve proper alignment of joints and activate muscles in these positions to restore functionality. Muscles and joints should operate in all three planes of motion. This program allows for a comprehensive evaluation and correction of body alignment, resulting in improved overall performance.

  • Elevate your strength, mobility, and conditioning with this program. We believe you must first align the body before you strengthen it. The order of operations within these workouts is designed to execute this belief.

  • Are you seeking additional support in rehabilitation from an injury? Have you been experiencing chronic pain? Our whole-body approach will help you restore balance, function, and peace of mind, leading to a shorter recovery period, and priming your body for optimal performance in the activities you enjoy.

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Why Unleashed Movement?

If you believe you have a “good side and a bad side,” a "tight and more flexible side", or "a shoulder or leg that you rely on more than the other", this indicates that your body is out of alignment. These are just some examples of ways the body compensates, and operating with these imbalances only further enforces them. This can result in pain or injury in the worst case scenario, but best case scenario still means you’re operating with a level of frustration.

While most people experience this, you are absolutely capable of changing it. Whether you opt for private coaching or our bundle programs, Unleashed Movement will help you restore balance and function through corrective exercises that are concise, efficient and effective. 

This puts you back in the driver’s seat, and allows you to level up and achieve your own personal greatness. Unleashed Movement is here to help you optimize your body.

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Unleash Your Movement with

Bundle Programs

Select from our collection of bundles to suit your needs. While everybody moves uniquely, our body’s design is universal. These bundles provide you with the tools to reestablish strength,  coordination and balance, while removing compensation patterns that are holding you back.

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Unleash Your Movement with

Personal Coaching

One-on-one sessions with Emily provide a curated experience that is specifically designed for your body, craft, and/or sport. Commit to up-leveling your performance by becoming a more efficient and effective mover.  Let’s access your A-Game!

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