Frequently Asked Questions

What does Unleashed Movement offer?

We offer programs such as group workshops, bundles, and personal coaching. Our whole-body approach provides: postural realignment, functional movement coaching, and personal training. Through these unique exercise programs, you can improve your alignment, resolve chronic pain, and enhance your performance.

Where can I book a consultation with Emily?

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How can I find a program that is best for me?

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I am not an athlete or performer. Would these programs still work for me?

Absolutely! All of these programs are designed to improve your performance but are not limited to professionals. You will improve your posture, alignment, and movement in your daily activities and workouts. If you have a body, it will help you :)

How do I download bundles I purchased?

There are 2 ways to download videos. After you made an order,

1: you will be linked to download page automatically where you can click each one of videos to download. Click "Access Your Bundle" and the files will show up on your page, then click "Download". This process will allow you to save those videos directly on your computer or phone.

2: you can use the access link sent to your email address that you submitted when you purchased the product. Make sure to add correct email address when you purchase the product.

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Unleashed Movement Programs

Unleash Your Movement with

Bundle Programs

Select from our collection of bundles to suit your needs. While everybody moves uniquely, our body’s design is universal. These bundles provide you with the tools to reestablish strength,  coordination and balance, while removing compensation patterns that are holding you back.

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Unleash Your Movement with

Personal Coaching

One-on-one sessions with Emily provide a curated experience that is specifically designed for your body, craft, and/or sport. Commit to up-leveling your performance by becoming a more efficient and effective mover. Let’s access your A-Game!

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