Perfect for everybody with a body.

We often don’t realize how much we WORK AROUND our limits because we have come to ACCEPT them. 

Good news: Our limits are temporary. We simply need to position our body to perform optimally. This bundle provides a whole-body approach to resolving limitations because the site of the issue is never the source (even when it feels like it is).

I created FORM and FUNCTION to provide a practice that is easily implemented, time-efficient (no more than 20 minutes/day!), and effective. 

This serves as an excellent primer before a rehearsal or workout. It’s also a great post work-out reset. And, it stands alone as a movement practice turned performance enhancer. 

What You Gain:

  • Better postural alignment that TRANSLATES into ease of movement 
  • Functional movement patterns that TRANSLATE into your workouts and training 
  • Improved function of your inner systems: respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and lymphatic, musculoskeletal. (Just think, better alignment means removing the traffic jams in your own body!)
  • Access to more muscles groups = better aesthetics (let’s be honest, you’ll look hotter)
  • Resolution and/or significant decrease of nagging pain and muscle tightness
  • More trust in your WHOLE body, vs just one side
  • More confidence
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You can repeat and review these whenever you want, and go at your own pace. You’ll receive the benefits of a better-aligned body every time, and the longer you practice, the deeper the progress. I promise.