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Unleashed Movement

Bundle Program- Form & Function

Bundle Program- Form & Function

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This bundle provides a digestible, easy-to-follow practice to remove compensation patterns and imbalances in the body. This is perfect for people who are active, but can’t seem to shake mild pain or nagging limits (eg: low back tightness, knee pain when running, limited flexibility, etc). This will benefit most people who want to improve their overall posture, function and alignment, which will effectively translate into any activity you love.

What's Included: 

  1. Form & Function 01
  2. Form & Function 02
  3. Form & Function 03
  4. Form & Function 04

This bundle consists of 4 videos, ranging from 10-20 min in length. Each video should take you through 7-10 days of daily practice before moving to the next video. You’re welcome to take up to two weeks with each video sequence before progressing to the next. These are also effective to revisit and cycle through even as your body progresses; you’ll benefit in new ways when you enter the sequences from a more balanced alignment!

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