Have you been dealing with chronic pain that you thought would just go away, but now too much time has passed and it’s not changing? 

Are you rehabbing from an injury and have hit a plateau with your PT?


Have you recovered from a setback, but aren’t able to fully trust your body again?

I know how this feels. I went years repeating a cycle of rolled ankles and left SI joint pain when I was dancing. I never knew when it would happen, and it was so frustrating to feel strong but vulnerable at the same time. The episodes of recurring injury chipped away at my confidence, which caused me to move tentatively, instead of the attack and athleticism I was used to. I didn’t understand why my ankle strengthening exercises didn’t prevent ankle injury, or why my left SI joint would be tender no matter how much core work I did.

Once I learned that the site of my injury was a signal of dysfunctional ELSEWHERE in the body, my whole approach to rehab and conditioning changed. Chronic pain and recurring injury means our body is operating out of alignment, and must compensate for imbalances. 

If you have hit a plateau in your recovery, OR you have been dealing with a chronic issue but can’t seem to find a solution that lasts, Rehab and Recovery provides a whole-body approach to your healing. 

Often, we focus on the site of the symptom, and we forget that the whole body is connected. We compensate without realizing it, which creates a ripple effect of imbalances. These compensation patterns hinder us from full recovery and optimized movement. 

This bundle provides an opportunity to realign your body and strengthen the newly balanced position, which will expedite your healing.

What You Gain:

  • Understanding of how your body moves as a unit, and thus how to resolve pain when it creeps up
  • Improved posture
  • Improved Alignment and Function
  • A routine that can be easily implemented and is time-efficient
  • Trust in your body
  • Peace of mind
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While each video is designed to carry you through a week of daily practice, you’re welcome to take up to two weeks with each video. Since the sequences are short, I recommend doing them in the morning (to set yourself up for the day), and evening (you’ll sleep better). Even if your injury is in one specific area, you’ll benefit from moving through ALL the videos, because as we said: it’s all connected. 

The more you bring your body to where “neutral” is, the easier it is for your body to heal.